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October 09 2017


list of things to do when you’re sad:

  • eat chocolate
  • listen to music
  • order pizza
  • buy new clothes
  • watch movies
  • masturbate
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Call me and stay on the line with me. I’d be happy to just hear you breathing
— 3 am thoughts (via suspend)

October 08 2017

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sometimes i just kind of stare at myself in the mirror. not in a vain way or anything. i just kind of try to understand that thats me. that that’s what i look like and i control that body and i exist and am here right now idk

October 07 2017


i really wish platonic relationships were more important. i’m tired of losing friendships because i’m less important than their significant other. i hate that i’m automatically not as close to my friends because i’m not the person they’re dating/sleeping with. and i hate how whenever i complain about it the response is “you’ll find someone too someday!” like no I shouldn’t have to “find someone” to feel loved and important, maybe we should stop promoting investing all your time and effort and physical and emotional intimacy into one romantic/sexual partner idk

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Prawdziwa kobieta ma zasady, ambicje i plany, szacunek do swojego ciała, kocha bezgranicznie i nie zawodzi. Ma również granicę wytrzymałości i nawet kochając całą duszą, wybierze rozstanie zamiast bycie na drugim planie, upominania się o czyjąś uwagę czy żebrania o gest.
— (via wielkiimarzyciel)
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“I’m going,” Harry said. “I’ve had enough.”
And in the next moment, he was out in the dark, quiet street, heaving his heavy trunk behind him, Hedwig’s cage under his arm.

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October 05 2017

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me: i’m a chill person. very chill. the chillest

anyone: says anything remotely negative about harry potter



To nie mój dzień.

Powtarzam 7 razy w tygodniu.

Tylko dlatego, że jesteś nikim, możesz pogadać z drugim człowiekiem. Życie bogate, pełne sekretów w szarym człowieku, w szarym człowieku
— Kora (Olga Jackowska), “Szare miraże”
(via ladnepiosenki)
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